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Weekend Pack Adventure Days Bristol

Our Weekend Pack Adventure Days are the perfect way for your dog to spend the day away enjoying the best that the region around Bristol has to offer!  Doggy ice creams and BBQ sausages await your lucky pups.


Weekend Adventures


Weekend Pack Adventure Days

With our weekend pack adventure days, you can make dog free plans, happy in the knowledge that your dog is having the time of their lives as we head from Bristol to go walking in some great locations like Welsh mountains, Dorset’s Beaches or other fantastic locations that we know and love.
Our adventures provide the perfect mix of physical activity and mental stimulation for your dog on our group walks.  After wagging their way through the landscape games like frizbee and soft ball cricket create all the fun they can handle!

Your dog will be collected between 9.00 and 10.00 AM from locations in and around Bristol, and the group will head for the hills, forest or the beach for a stimulating adventure with two walkers.  This gives the older dogs an opportunity to take things at their own pace while the dogs who want a bit of extra pace to their dog walks can get a good run as part of our triathlon training!

Adventure Guaranteed

Small Groups

Highly Skilled Walkers

Why Choose Walks with the Pack for Weekend Dog Walking Adventures?

Small Groups Guaranteed

We put lots of thought into how the groups might interact so that they are well suited on their weekend adventure day together. Our adventure days are in manageable, small groups, of no more than five dogs, and our walkers are behaviourally aware and alert to how the group of dogs interact with each other; we will notice if play gets at all chaotic and we will calm things down by switching the most excited dogs to lead walking for a few minutes, or distracting with scent games which tends to bring the energy levels down a notch or two. 


Exciting Adventure Locations

We are constantly finding new locations to head off on our weekend dog walking adventures! We usually head out of Bristol to explore some great locations - as far afield as the Welsh mountains, Dorset’s Beaches or other fantastic locations that we know and love. 

Stimulating Walks

At the end of the session, we return to the vehicle where the doggy wash awaits, and muddy or sandy dogs will get a spray down and a towel down before hopping into their crate or hammock for the journey home.  
The group are well rested and comfortable on their way home, and many of them nap on route to their homes in and around Bristol, while we tend to take in a podcast!
Your dog will be returned to your home ready for a good sleep between 15:30 and 16:30.


We are proud to be Gold members of the APDWS ( Association of Professional Dog Walkers and Sitters.

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We are First Aid trained and are regularly keeping up to date with current best practice through CPD

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If you’re looking for your dog to have the best weekend walk by dog walkers in Bristol, look no further than Walks with the Pack!
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